Sunday, May 28, 2006

For my project, I want to ask people (Japanese) about their experience and feelings on Black Music. Minatoku is a bad area for this project. I need a younger and more hip crowd. Shibuya or somewhere like it where there are more up to date people might help, or areas where African American music has a big influence. I will do some scouting and asking around for information. I met an interesting guy tonight that was really into hip hop music. I got his take on hip hop music and a better sense of his music tastes after talking with him over coffee, (or mango smoothie in my case).

As for my project ideas, I want to make a survey and maybe hang something like a poster with space to write, or a seperate packet with questions to answer about Black music. I also want to interview random Japanese people and get their take on Black Music. I had an idea to make a music stand with many various samples of Black music to give the subject more of an idea of what to respond to. I may have to man that type of thing. After collecting all my information, I want to explain the feedback, and compare it to how Japanese music has influenced American music and visa versa. The way I will do this is for now probably through film.


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