Sunday, May 21, 2006

I have learned that in Japan, one should not only do as the Japanese, but one should also think as the Japanese. It makes the transition from your way of life to their way of life so much easier. It shortens the length of time it takes to understand the ins and outs of the culture. Merely doing may get you seriously confused and frustrated. In the west, there is a strong stigma to come as you are. Less emphasis to hide your true self. In fact celebrating your natural self is often emphasized. It's mindset is more geared towards 'everyone is beautiful in their individual way'. In Japan it is more 'everyone is beautiful in their rightful place'. In the readings I learned that the Japanese cultural views on life are the exact opposite of many Western ways of thought. It is not so much a good and bad reflection as much as it is a red and green. Both important colors, both expressed and utilized in completely different ways. Both are used for longevity in nature in very different ways. In the West, what is natural is how something comes in it's original state. The Japanese view of nature is entirely different where as nature is created. If it is not, it does not really exist. Nature being made by man is unheard of in the West. It is not nearly as narcissistic as that might seem from a Western viewpoint. This is not to be misinterpreted, because man are seen as the bridge between the Heavans and 'nature' in Japan. In a way, man and Nature are one when it is made so, as opposed to the Western view of man and nature being one from birth.


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