Saturday, June 03, 2006

For my project I have decided to do a CD package. The theme is, "Music of the Japanese Ear." In its final stage I will have a CD with music selections from my survey. The CD cover will be a fold out. On one side I will have information from my survey displayed along with pictures of people I see listening to music and people I interviewed. For the beginning of the CD and end I plan to create intor and outro tracks using samples of the content. I made a survey in Japanese I used to collect info. I went out in Minatoku towards Tokyo Tower and asked people listening to music, or not to fill out my survey. I looked for people listening to music, but then I found myself in convorsations with people about other things and thought...why the heck not. They still listen to music. I have to make better final designs still for my CD cover. I will come up with some sketches today. I will also start piecing together music and info. After I analyze everything I have to work with I will have a better idea of what to do.


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