Friday, June 09, 2006

Hmmm.....My expectations of Japan....

Well during my last visit I didn't like Tokyo. It was too crowded, too cramped, and seemingly there was nothing to do. Well....Tokyo I've learned is a much bigger place. Being in one area of Tokyo is like being in one city. I expected Tokyo to be kind of hmdrum and not exciting......well I was wrong....really really wrong. Though my heart still lies with Kyoto, Tokyo is a nice place. There is so much to do and so much to see, though much of it is repeated, that has its own positive side to it. At anytime you can pretty much get anything you want within a 10-15 walk. The architecture here is far out. everytime I go out to a different place or even common places in Tokyo, I discover some interesting designed building. The one thing that I expeced that was true, was that in Tokyo, no one really pays attention to you. Not in the city area anyway. In Kyoto everybody even strangers were almost always kind and pleasant, but the city people usually don't even look at you....but they are still kind. The pleasant part you have to look for by starting up convorsation. So I learned some interesting dynamics of Tokyo after coming here. It's so busy and so diverse here and yet, orderly and homogenous.

As for the program here at Temple, I believed we were going to have more focus on the types of styles and intricacies o Japanese design.....though we do study this a little, it is more of a multimedia class in my opinion, which is funny because I am a multimeda student. Gaphic Design is not my strong suit, so I plan on learning a lot from this class. I already have seeing the work of my fellow students.....nothing short of amazing. I just hope my work can either blend in or stand out because it looks cool. Lots of new things to learn that I didn't even think we'd be using. But that makes it great. The more the marrier.


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