Saturday, June 24, 2006

So I basically used the advice Abby gave me and put that in my new sketches. I would have a picture of someone's face/ear on one side, and have the information of the certain spread and pictures of settings on the otherside. I switched the sides and the arrangement of text and pictures on the info pages like Abby said I should to keep things more interesting. After struggling with the In Design program I got the pictures and some text in the booklet. At this point I was still using cheap and inaffective techniqes in the program simply because I didn't know the program well enough. Abby again came to the rescue and showed me how to create a spread with master pages. This I knew how to work with. I put in more pictures and enough pages to house my info and pictures. I used one different color on each infor page. I blocked out the text to make it an easier read. Skia became my typeface, because it reads easy and it has a flare to it that reminds me of Japanese kanji.


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